lördag 1 januari 2011

Specialvikta kort - Specially folded cards

Om ni vill påminnas om flera olika sätt att vika kort på, kan det vara en god idé att följa denna länk. I min gamla blogg har jag ju samlat alla vikningar som jag stött på under min pysselresa. Några har jag också provat på att göra själv - medan andra tjänar mest som inspiration för er. Jag hoppas att ni har det roligt under den låååånga resan (det finns ju trots allt 117 inlägg :) - varav vissa har flera vikningar i ett och samma inlägg).

If you want to be reminded of several ways to fold cards, you can follow this link. I've posted a whole lot of card folds in my old blog. Some of them are my trial and error tutorials and some of them are just pure inspiration for you. I hope you will have a fun time taking that long card folding trip. There are after all, 117 posts to look into :-).

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi, love your work. do you happen to have a tutorial on how you made your square fishing dog card that is a double slider? and also a double sliding album? is the front a frame indented or is the image just taped to the front...it is hard for me to tell and I LOVE that card,although I don't have the cute doggie image I want to make it with other stamps.
    Thanks for any help you can give me....I would so apprecaite it

    1. Hi there Sam :-)!
      I'll do my best to do a tutorial on the doulbe slider card... I'm in the midst of clearing out some of my scrapbooking stuff on facebook right now, so I have to prioritize that :-). But I'll do my best :-).