lördag 1 februari 2014


Någon har lagt upp mitt videoklipp om mitt pysselrum i en blogg som heter Crafty Storage. Det är ju bara till att tacka och ta emot :-)! Det är kul att kunna inspirera :-).

Här är en till... Där jag dyker ned i lådor och dyl...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic room. Love the use of IKEA furnishings. You said you used 3 IKEA dressers for the one unit where you have your stamps on. Did you also put some sort of top over them. Like a IKEA desk top or shelf unit? I ask because in the video is doesn't appear to look like 3 individual units. Great use of a smallish space...super job.

  2. Hi there... I bought a top - from the Kitchen department at Ikea... The Malm drawers measure 240 cm - and the top measures 246 cm... A "perfect fit :-). I did so, because I wanted to create more depth - since the shelf on top - takes a 20 cm of the Malm witdth (48 cm)... I've placed the drawers a bit from the wall...