måndag 5 augusti 2013


I went to Anten (just outside Alingsås - Sweden), to go by and old train to Gräfsnäs.
It was a beatiful day to take an old fashioned ride on a train with wooden seats, leather bands as window closers and such :-).

I've used a lot of stamps from Vilda stamps...
grunge swirl v540
splash background v283
the train from the inch kit v720
splats kit v424
cogs kit v467
scrap & mixed media kit 2 - v742
I actually managed to make the album - almost professional looking - with a new way to dress the cover and back, the hidden coil binding and the thickness of the covers :-).
I've used my Cinch (a binding machine) to bind the album together.
Here the tag is still inside the "pocket".

And here you can see it pulled out. Thanks to the magic of a piece of plastic bag - the tags can be pulled out and put in again, as many times as one likes :-).

I also went to the train museum and had myself a blast. I think that even Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, would've been thrilled to all the different kinds of trains that I saw :-).

I've also decided on challenging me to use my alphabet stickers more... hence the sparse decorations in the album...
Isn't the steam engine train a real beauty?

There are more photos to be seen in this video:


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